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New hip resurfacing implant could lead to better outcomes for patients
Source: Medical Xpress

Surgeons are treating patients with a new type of hip implant that could lead to better outcomes for younger, more active people requiring surgery.

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Less pain post TKA with addition of peripheral nerve blocks
Source: Medical Xpress

Addition of an interspace between the popliteal artery and capsule of the posterior knee (IPACK) block and adductor canal block (ACB) to periarticular injection (PAI) is associated with less pain after total knee arthroplasty (TKA), according to a study presented at the 2018 World Congress on Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, held from April 19 to 21 in New York City.

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Managing Pain With Fewer Opioids After Joint Replacement
Source: Health Day

Using two or more pain control methods after hip and knee replacement surgery rather than opioid painkillers alone reduces risks to patients, a new study finds.

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Optimizing range of motion may prevent a stiff knee after TKA
Source: Healio

Knee stiffness following total knee arthroplasty is a rare complication, which is multifactorial and can be prevented with techniques that help optimize knee range of motion, according to a presenter.

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Knee replacement infection: What you need to know
Source: Medical News today

A knee replacement infection may develop after a person has had an operation to replace their knee joint. What are the symptoms of a knee replacement infection and who is at most risk of getting one?

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Aspirin as Good a Clot Buster as Pricey Drugs After Joint Replacement
Source: HealthDay

Good old aspirin is just as effective as newer, expensive drugs at preventing blood clots after hip or knee replacement, a new clinical trial suggests.

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Take intraoperative steps to reduce joint infection risk
Source: Healio

With an increasing number of total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty procedures being performed in the United States, the rate of failure has also increased. In its annual report, the American Joint Replacement Registry listed infection as a leading cause of TKA and THA revisions from 2012 to 2016.

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Doctors use new procedure in patients with damaged hips to avoid replacement surgery

Doctors at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are using a procedure called Subchondroplasty to give patients with damaged hips more treatment options and ultimately avoid replacement surgery.

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